Monday, January 23, 2012

Our McAlister's Manager

I do not make a big secret that one of my favorite dining places for lunch is McAlister's Deli. I love the food, and have even spotted a celebrity there (Dallas Clark of the Indianapolis Colts). Since I visit regularly I have gotten to know a lot of the staff that serve there. I have not really ever talked to them about what I do for a living, but I thought I had tipped my hand by my choice of reading books that usually come with me to lunch.

Recently, one of the managers who works there asked me if he could talk to me for a moment... He sat down with me and shared some of his personal story and asked me a simple questions about a phrase he had heard mentioned the other day (prayer warrior...he did not understand that phrase)... After I explained what I could of this idea he then shared with me a desire to re-kindle his spiritual life and asked me about my church.

I was happy to share with him my love for its people...of how kind and caring I found them. He then surprised me by asking what our pastor was like...
I was amused. I told him our pastor was a bit long winded and sometimes talked too much.. He saw the gleam in my eye and then asked me if I was the pastor. I admitted my calling to the Crooked Creek Baptist Community.

I shared this story at church on Sunday morning and used this story to remind our members that sometimes the best testimony we can make is with the life we live. Something about the way I conducted myself in those frequent lunch visits impressed that manager enough that he felt comfortable in asking me questions about faith. I was honored by his expressed confidence in my character (Remember the old prayer: Lord please me the person my dog thinks I am).

As I reflect upon this more I realize that there is more to this story. For I believe that everyone has a "McAlister's Manager" in their life. Watching them. Judging them (fair or not, this happens). We have a chance every day to live out our faith in Jesus Christ- our Savior every day! And we have the chance to affect others with our actions and by our lifestyle. Our faith is not just something we believe is something we act upon. And this faith of action can have a long and lasting impact upon those we encounter in EVERY aspect of our life.

Who is watching us right now? Who can we impact with the good news about Jesus Christ. A good news that does not only mean new life for us, but also offers the possibility of new life for the McAlister's manager.

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