Friday, October 19, 2012

Standing on Holy Ground

Yesterday we visited with the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town- the successor to Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu. Actually this is the second Archbishop to follow Tutu. It was humbling to realize that a man responsible for the spiritual life of such a vast and expansive group of people would take an hour out to speak with 17 Indiana pastors.

I have been impressed by some of the people we have met this week, but found that there was a aura of holiness around this man that was compelling. At the end out meeting he prayed for us and then pronounced a blessing- a simple benediction, and something happened inside me that almost brought on tears! It was such a moving experience for me. My roommate for this trip, a Disciples of Christ pastor, agreed with me.

Following this we had an opportunity to view the private chapel of the archbishop. One of the staff members told us Desmond Tutu spent 2 hours there every morning praying. From time to time he would disappear and no one on his staff could find him. They learned that when that happened he was back in the chapel and should not be disturbed. Great men seek God's Presence..

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