Monday, July 23, 2012

Violence to Solve Violence?

Is violence really the solution to violence? Does arming American citizens to defend themselves in movie theaters to protect themselves really sound like an answer? Or does it simply provide the formula for an OK Corral shootout surrounded by innocent lives? How can we, as believers in a God of Love, respond to this call for violence to solve violence? The model Christ left us as a victim of violence might be one helpful solution to consider. Rather than respond to violence with more violence Jesus chose a different path. He told Peter to put away the sword, submitted to the soldiers who arrested him and to the political powers that ordered his crucifixion. In that sacrifice he transformed creations relationship with the Divine. And now today, in this "Christian" nation there are calls for vengeance and escalation of violence. Give this Colorado shooter the death penalty, arm more American citizens with handguns to protect and defend themselves (Do unarmed citizens get a chance to refuse such protection from these gun carrying people?), increase security in places where people naturally congregate such as movie theaters, athletic events, etc... Christ did not solve the answer with, "Go ahead, punk... make my day." What is our duty, our call from Christ in the face of such violence? How can/should we respond?

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